DIVINE BLISS: Moola Prayer (Extended 24min. Version)

by Aeoliah with Ashana

Released March 2017
Music For Healthy Living
Released March 2017
Music For Healthy Living
Sacred meditative, devotional Vedic Sanskrit mantra to invoke the blessings of the Divine Feminine and Masculine aspects of God with the lovely angelic voice of Ashana blended with Aeoliah's vocals and solfeggio healing frequencies.
RECORDED IN 432 SOLFEGGIO Frequency. 432Hz is the harmonic frequency in tune with nature.
This is a new 24 minute extended Version of the formerly released Moola Mantra, remixed, remastered and includes the addition of the angelic vocals of Ashana who has graced this piece with her beautiful voice blended so delicately with Aeoliah's vocals and soft background synth sounds.
Complete Mantra and its meaning:
Om -- We are calling on the highest energy of all
Sat -- The formless, Unmanifest Potential
Chit -- Infinite Consciousness of the Universe
Ananda -- Pure love, bliss and joy
Para brahma -- The Supreme Creator
Purushothama -- Who has incarnated in human form to help guide mankind
Paramatma -- Who comes to me in my heart, and becomes my inner voice whenever I ask
Sri Bhagavati -- The Divine Mother, the power aspect of creation
Same tha -- Together within Non-Duality
Sri Bhagavate -- The Father of Creation which is unchangeable and permanent
Namaha-- I thank you and acknowledge this presance in my life. I ask for your guidance at all times.