by Aeoliah

Released 2010
Music For Healthy Living
Released 2010
Music For Healthy Living
This album is an inspired transmission. Each song is a finely tuned sonic gem orchestrated with crystal bowls, richly orchestrated keyboards, Tibetan bells, Tibetan Buddhist Chants, and sacred invocations performed and chanted by Aeoliah.

Elixir Immortale is the next step in activating our new DNA Codes for healing
and Ascension.
By aligning with these new cosmic healing sound vibrations, we are able to open
and activate the seven sacred seals within our bodies also known as chakras. These
cosmic energy centers are also connected to galactic portals and other star systems
that are assisting humanity to make the shift from carbon based to crystalline
Each piece is carefully orchestrated with healing crystal bowls, Buddhist chants,
and sacred invocations performed by Aeoliah.
Beautifully & richly orchestrated, each song selection is a pristine reflection of
activating the unlimited, divine and immortal nature of our soul essence.

The mantras in this recording are truly esoteric, and their true meaning comes alive when these mantras are actually vocalized and sounded. This was part of my inspiration to record them and vocalize them together with the crystal bowls and other healing sounds to activate these Sacred Portals, which act as powerful resonators to awaken us to our healing and Enlightenment.

Each musical selection/composition is recorded and chanted in the specific key of that particular chakra or energy center. Each quartz crystal bowl recorded also corresponds to the exact key of that chakra, creating a powerful dynamic resonance between the human voice, the quartz crystals, and the chakras. working in harmony to produce a transformational spiritual and musical experience.