Shambhala Kalachakra Empowerment


This ultimate meditation music features a sacred Tibetan mantra taught by Gautama Buddha to empower the soul for enlightenment and liberation. It also helps to cleanse the energy in your home as well as clear your own personal energy.

Meaning of the Kalachakra Mantra: OM AH HUM HOH HAM KSHA MA LA VA RA YA HUM PHAT Kalachakra Mantra comprises the innermost essence of the teachings of Gautama Buddha and helps purify the mind, speech, and body. The first four syllables OM AH HUM HOH of the mantra are the four vajra syllables of the body, speech, mind and wisdom: OM is the vajra of body, AH is the vajra of speech, HUM is the vajra of mind, HOH is the vajra of wisdom. HAM and KSHAH are the seed syllables for the father Kalachakra (HAM) and, correspondingly, his consort Vishvamata (KSHAH). The next syllable MA is the basis for the inestimable mansion of Kalachakra. The four syllables LA VA RA YA stand for the four elements of earth, fire, water and wind. HUM PHAT signifies an offering of blessings, with the wish that hearing the mantra and reciting it bring supreme benefit for all sentient beings.

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