Reactivating Your DNA Codes for Enlightened Living, Healing & Ascension
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In this book, you will find many valuable spiritual healing tools to assist you in recoding and reactivating your DNA strands by bringing this new resonance frequency into your conscious awareness.     

This is  where you begin to activate the light body of your Higher Self by integrating these higher non-physical spiritual frequencies into your current physical embodiment.  This enables you to transform and move beyond 3rd and 4th density, bypassing the many traps of the astral realm and limiting DNA codes.  This will also facilitate you to anchor the 5th dimensional matrix into this physical dimension, as it will greatly assist many others and planetary evolution.

Ninety-nine percent of humans on this planet are currently functioning with a limited 2-strand DNA, which means our original ability as co-creators and sovereign beings (12-strand DNA) has become greatly limited, and therefore we have become a slave race, entrapped by genetic codes that have been programmed into our DNA for us to obey those commands without questioning.  These commands include a wide range of religious belief systems, sexual/emotional behavior patterns, addictions, obsession with image, position, ambition, what other people think about you, economic, educational and social systems, gender identification, role playing,  marriage,  etc.

Listen to a short excerpt chapter from Aeoliah's book on YouTube: THE LIQUID LIGHT OF HEALING,  in which Aeoliah shares the old 22 DNA codes that have kept us prisoners and slaves within a 2-strand DNA Matrix pattern. He also introduces the 22 new DNA codes to replace the old limiting ones for our healing, renewal, and self-mastery. As we carefully examine both the old and 22 new codes, we  can recognize and begin to identify which patterns are still controlling us, and which patterns we are ready to energize and magnetize into our lives.


Excerpt from 
The Liquid Light of Healing 









 Best Book of the Year Award 1992
New Age Category

North American Bookdealer's Exchange


In this book, Aeoliah has compiled his comprehensive knowledge and experience of various healing modalities in a unique synthesis that includes practical and valuable tools for healing our emotions, sexuality, relationships, as well as developing a more enlightened spiritual awareness and our Higher Self. Another important focus of the book is healing the cause and effect of self-abuse and dysfunctional behavior patterns.



Some of the topics in this book include:


*Healing Our Physical and Sexual Identity
*Healing our Emotional Body
*A Seven-step Recovery Program for Emotional Abuse
*Reclaiming Your True Identity
*Healing and Creating Loving Relationships
*Anchoring Your Light Body
*Technology, Spirituality, and Human Development


280 Pages With High Quality Color Plates


 * * * DISCOGRAPHY * * *


1. BODHISATTVA: Kalachakra

    Initiation 2 w DNA Repair




      5. DIVINAURA

      6. ANGEL LOVE


      8. J'ADORE

      9. DAYDREAM






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