Creating Sacred Space with Music



Hi Aeoliah,

   "I have written to you once before (3.5 years ago), when your music & meditational CD healed my mother's heart so that she didn't have to go through heart surgery.  I am still enjoying your music & meditation Cd's tremendously." 

                                                                  Ruth Z. Pianka


"I Feel that Aeoliah's music is of the highest quality on all levels-spiritually, technically, and artistically. His work is so exceptional that I give it top priority for review as soon as it is released."
                                                                  Ken, Gruen, New Frontier Magazine







"From all your music, I think J'Adore is my favorite. I play it over and over, because it speaks to my soul as no other music has. I have all of your Cd's and always look forward to a new release, because I know they just keep better and better. Nice music for reflection, meditation, etc. etc, etc. As your CD tray card for J'Adore says "Let it touch your life to rekindle the flame of immortal love and beauty that beats your heart and breathes through you in divine remembrance of who you truly are". I couldn't have said it better myself. It truly does touch me and move through my entire being, caressing and healing every part of me. I can't wait for another release or pre-release. Please keep me on your mailing list, and anything you do...I want to know about it! Your music is a part of every fiber in my body and soul...very healing!!! 
Love & Blessings,

Doris Walker





Thank you so very very much for your music, especially THE LIGHT OF TAO.

I don’t know how you manage to create so beautiful music, like Feather’s river, Mahaviraor Tien Fu. I listen to these three tracks almost every day for many years. It’s so close to me, so familiar, like being a part of me. It’s like somebody knew my feelings in every detail. I don’t understand, therefore still wonder how is that possible...

Good luck!

Andrejs, Latvia





My favourite healing music CD

I used to have a New Age crystal shop and healing centre and so I have heard a lot of different ones. This one is the best I have used this CD for about 13 years now - I am still not 'bored' with it - it is brilliant! It really helps you and your clients to get into the right space for healing so that healing can take place at the deepest level. I have also used it with meditation groups. Review by Jeanette Wilson the TV Medium and Healer on Dare to Believe - shown on SKY REAL LIVES in the UK and on TV3 in New Zealand    

 J. Wilson




The Liquid Light of Healing" is Aeoliah's best ever! The most relaxing CD I have ever experienced; A Healing Journey like no other. It takes you places you've never been and gives you Fresh wings to accomplish what you've only dreamed of! It creates in you a new heart full of Love and compassion for yourself and others...a relaxing Masterfully refreshing awareness of all that was, is and will forever be. It accelerates and integrates our authentic evolution. We become `open' to the awaiting Radiance of our birthright - realized. The process is made possible by our Open Hand of releasing our illusory past  and future. We gently step into the Wondrous Path and state of being that is Eternal. What an awesome, relaxing process. We don't have to do anything. The music takes you there and does everything for you. All you have to do is `Listen and Be'... The frequency and vibration of "The Liquid Light of Healing" is full of grace, love and healing!

Thank you Aeoliah for once again creating a "Master~Peace", and for taking me on a healing Odyssey with you. This is my #1 Meditation CD…replacing all others!

Doris ~ Healing Touch Therapist



If I could give it 10 starts I would. Simply blissful music that grabs you and takes you to places unknown. You fly and fly. I actually felt my blood pressure drop and my breathing slow down to the music's beat after only a few seconds of listening to the sample. Then I was sold. It is now going to be among my favorites for sure. Thank you to my friend, Donna, who had "found" this for me.





This new album by Aeoliah has become very important for me. Although I love all the ones before, this one has a very special meaning. I have the feeling that Aeoliah picks up the vibrations deep inside of us and of this world and with great mastery gathers them together to send them out into vast space. Like a great redemption, the dissolution of the dark into the light - a whole new and exciting quality.

There also are some voice pieces like the revered Gayatri Mantra which is the theme of this album, in the sense that it is about the awakening of the Divine Light, about it consuming our thoughts and emotions and leading us to radiant freedom. This is exactly what the music does. It travels the infinite space from illusion to Reality and expands in a way I haven't often come across.

The Ave Maria touches on the sense of compassion, I find. It is very beautiful indeed and the artist seems to put his whole heart into it.

Ascended Victory is definitely not just another New Age album, but an important piece of music that reaches our inner soul and expands it into beauty and freedom.

C. Veiel



A Shakti Dance!

I was stunned when I listened to this CD. Very few new age artists actually seem to understand the Kundalini experience, but this composer not only understands, but can dance and play with the energy. Kundalini is immensely powerful, but Aeoliah deftly harnesses it with sweet vibrations and complex, interwoven sound threads.


Something incredible for the times we find ourselves in.

As I participated in collectively ushering in the New Year, I did so by Listening to Elixir profound! To say it was not what I expected is putting it mildly. My expectations were of all the previous musical treasures Aeoliah has produced, and THIS is not THAT...! It is hard to find words that do justice to what I was feeling and what I was hearing. Each piece in turn, yielded a rendering of an electrical vibration for the energy center it was attuned to, that was majestic in form. There was an eternal peace that took over my entire being, and catapulted me to such a loving space, I felt immediately Home...! I released tears of Joy, for the Gift of God Elixir Immortale is now, and will become...I felt a sacredness that defies mere was all encompassing and with the Voice of Angel Aeoliah, took everything to another level where only Love ~is~..


My name's Kevin and i'm writing from France. All i can say about this CD is that it really IS something. I actually have no word to describe the feeling of bliss the CD provides. The first time I listened to the CD i felt a rush of energy from the base of the spine up to the top of the head, and then the biggest stillness of mind ever. i could clearly see, better vision than the physical eyes can provide, the whole universe within myself, i stood there as pure consciousness while witnessing the whole creation and i could hear the music of the Cd in the background of my consciousness. This CD really helped me pierce through the veil of duality and i can only say thanks a million for this ! I recommend this CD to anyone who is interested in experiencing their true nature which is only pure consciousness and bliss !!


My name's Kevin and i'm writing from France. All i can say about this CD is that it really IS something. I actually have no word to describe the feeling of bliss the CD provides. The first time I listened to the CD i felt a rush of energy from the base of the spine up to the top of the head, and then the biggest stillness of mind ever. i could clearly see, better vision than the physical eyes can provide, the whole universe within myself, i stood there as pure consciousness while witnessing the whole creation and i could hear the music of the Cd in the background of my consciousness. This CD really helped me pierce through the veil of duality and i can only say thanks a million for this ! I recommend this CD to anyone who is interested in experiencing their true nature which is only pure consciousness and bliss !!


Aeoliah is the Mozart of meditation

Wow! A meditation series that works! It is not possible for me to put into words the compelling results this cd delivers. When I plugged in the headset with this meditation, I was hooked. Aeoliah's "Magnetizing Your True Love" delivers glowing meditations. I hope others invest the time to experience the positive life changing energy this cd delivers straight into the heart. Powerful!

Silent Snow


Love it

This is one of my most favorite guided meditation, the voice is very healing and compassionate,the music helps and supports the guided visualizations beautifully...Highly recommend to everyone!





Going Within
     It's difficult to express in words what this meditation really encompasses. Throughout my years trolling for the most interesting new age type recordings, this work is indeed the most profound work I have come across. I hesitate to call it new age because really the words in this work are ageless.
     If you commit yourself to really participating in the exercises you will have a magnificent experience. "Touching the celestial clouds" could be another title for this piece. I have felt the angels around me and have had spontaneous out of body experiences while listening to this work.
     Do yourself and your life a favor and listen to this recording. I hope you will find it as still and powerful as I have. I hope Aeoliah will do more recordings such as this one.     Mr. Christopher



I love this album , I listen to alot of Trance and this one sets a difference above the rest. I love the Asian Fusion and the Worldy Sounds and ambience voices. I can dance to this all night long , and wow the gym is super with this in my ears One of the things I love for myself is that it puts positive messages into my mind it's uplifting and I get a jolt of energy real powerful sund with many layers to this piece of work that takes you to different places , it is truly a state of being entranced , This CD Just Rocks above the rest and it really is awesome a the dance pieces just got together as a great compilation Love it Love it Love it.



This is another Masterpiece from Aeoliah, each of the 7 tracks contains powerful healing mantras and sound frequencies relating to various aspects of our life., with information provided for each track. Just simply listening with headphones on I could feel shifts taking place in my body and was buzzing with a feeling of well-being for a long time afterwards, highly recommended.




This is one of my favorite CDs for massage and meditation. It has a soothing, healing sound that I love.

Such soft tones ideal for the Tera Mai Reiki sessions for my clients leaving them in peace and tranquility.



the most beautiful music I have heard in a long time






This music goes beyond music. It calls your stressed out tired body to calmly slowly breathe in a universally celestial rhythm with it, and soon without you knowing how or when you become one with the music.

  "After nearly 25 years, this CD is still one of the best CDs for relaxation I’ve ever heard. I stumbled upon Aeoliah's Angel Love at a New Age Store in Houston over 20 years ago. While browsing through the store, this angelic beautiful music was playing. I was so moved by it, I asked the store owner what it was. Don’t just take my word for it, read the reviews on Amazon about this music. Listen to a sample online and once you do, you’ll be moved too. It’s time to get back to basics, and that starts with simple pleasures. Fulfillment from within, inner peace and contentment. There is no better way to do that than with music.



My dear Aeoliah:

I am a singer and a social worker, living in Bethesda, MD.

I was introduced years ago to "ANGEL LOVE " by a massage therapist.  Since then, I have  purchased the tape and multiple CDs.  Being a musician - and being ultra-familiar with "alternative" / New Age music - I am struck by the enormous power of your music. I feel like I've heard everything, but nothing "does it" for me like ANGEL LOVE. (I just returned from a Sound Healing Conference in Santa Fe, but again, nothing touches my beloved Angel Love.)  It is, simply, one-of-a-kind, angelic, heavenly, channeled, brilliant .... completely transformational.  I NEVER tire of it.  Angel Love always centers me, relaxes me, opens my heart, and takes me "home."  It never fails, it's as if the cells of my body, & my spirit, just know to respond. In 1991, my young husband (age 37) died from brain cancer and from complications due to  experimental chemo treatment.  As he peacefully made his transition in our bedroom, Angel Love was playing all the time.  Every being (hospice, relatives, etc....folks who had never been exposed to these types of sound vibrations) who entered this room was transformed immediately, and was blessed.  Your music made the energy in the room sacred and holy.

Angel Love, with it's celestial tones, is perfect for the dying process.  You cannot imagine what this means to me that my husband left this realm in such peace.

I am so very grateful to you.  Please feel free to quote any of this.


My choice for any music to listen to has always been new age, however Aeoliah has struck a different feeling in my love for this type of music. It goes to directly through my heart and and mind. I feel as though i could float out of my body removing the gravitational properties as we are bound to in the physical state. How exciting that I found Aeoliah and hope to attain all albums available. My life is beyond stress as I provide health care to very low income families not able to afford or access health care that is so vitally needed. My stress level is beyond words at this point in my life. Having Aeoliah to listen and relax to will surely help to overcome my stressful day. Thank you Aeoliah.




My clients love this CD and so do I. Very relaxing and soothing music ideal for beauty salons and spas. Many thanks highly recommended will be buying more titles very soon.

Arlene, Glasgow Scotland




Hey Aeoliah you have really outdone yourself  this time when I hear this cd I want to ask myself if I get to heaven when I die is this what I will hear? is this the kind of music I will hear if so I guess I got another reason to look forward to it course if I actually stay there when I go is up to the boss (u know who i mean)?



Love it
I am a Creative Writer and just love your understanding of Music, it's effects on our minds and our very Souls. You have a rare Gift! " Each new day, affords the opportunity of a new friendship, the secret, is to look forward to the new day, as much as the new friend." Copyright of " frivolous and Deep " Where it comes to your music, I will say, " If you do not take the time, to discern waht you are within, you will rarely understand, what it is you are without. " So,your gift is to help us reach within, then we will know that we are without nothing! " Love and best wishes ........... Keith





With most of our favorite musicians and artists, what we really want is more of the same, but different enough to keep our interest. Aeoliah does just that with Realms of Grace. Music and sounds that exhilirate in a quiet way, that suggest beatitude and ambient beauty and divine integrity. If you often visist your inner place of beauty, this is a wonderful accompaniment.



What is happening on "Divinaura" is happening on a higher realm and raining down to nurture, love and heal everyone who dares to listen to the voice of God…the Divine Feminine who has come to help us find our way home. "Divinaura" literally took my breath away, and brought tears of release, because I knew something was happening on this CD that went way beyond the music. Something that can't be explained – only experienced. My heart was being rescued from a feeling to a knowing that I was being loved on a level that no longer was earth bound, but was heaven sent. WOW…what an awareness! Listen with headphones and don't think or reason or even look for an experience, just be…and it will come to you! Thanks Aeoliah for another "GIFT"…you are meant for such a time as this. Your purpose is being fulfilled in your music. My heart bows to all you are… ~ Doris Walker; Reiki Master


This album leaves me in ecstasy; it makes me feel in ascended spheres where the lightened Spirits live, admiring sumptuous crystal towers. It's something magical to hear this album. Thank you very much, Aeoliah!!!!!






What I feel whenI hear this music is almost of no words at all it carries me into a mountain feeling a breeze unlike the earth we live on i feel water mists in the tingle of each press of the notes and a warm soft never worry type feeling is so nice I listen to sample after sample thank you so very much from a healing heart with your healing music love Audra AKA Dove :)



With the words it is very difficult to address God, but with his music, it paves the way to heaven. Continue giving more magic in eternal prayer Keep producing more heavenly music!








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1. BODHISATTVA: Kalachakra

    Initiation 2 w DNA Repair




      5. DIVINAURA

      6. ANGEL LOVE


      8. J'ADORE

      9. DAYDREAM







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